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President Jokowi Inaugurates Toraja Airport

TANA TORAJA – Increasing accessibility and transportation connectivity are important to support tourism in Tana Toraja. Therefore, the government has built Toraja Airport in recent years to encourage connectivity and local tourism. During a working visit to South Sulawesi Province on Thursday, March 18, 2021, President Joko Widodo inaugurated Toraja Airport, also known as Buntu [...] Read More

President Jokowi: I Have No Intention to Become President for Three Periods

President Joko Widodo reiterated his stance that he was a president directly elected by the Indonesian people based on the constitution. Therefore, his government will run perpendicular to the constitution. "What else should I say? Going back and forth, my attitude doesn't change,” said the President in his statement at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Monday, [...]

Someone Not Wearing A Mask in Tasikmalaya City Will Be Fined

TASIK – Tasikmalaya City Government will fine anyone who does not wear a mask when leaving the house during the coronavirus pandemic as of August 1, 2020. The violators will be fined IDR 50.000 (USD 3,26). Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Budi Budiman, explained that the sanction policy had been decided in a meeting of the Covid-19 [...]

The First Trial, Hercules Aircraft Landed in Tasikmalaya

TASIK – For the first time, a C-130 Hercules plane landed at Wiriadinata Airport in Cibeureum sub-district, Tasikmalaya City, Monday, July 13, 2020. The landing of the aircraft, L-100-30 version, numbered A-1318 was part of a trial of logistics delivery in natural disaster management. Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Drs H Budi Budiman, explained, the landing of [...]